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[STANDARD TEMPLATE] PRODUCT FAQ - Your Virtual Event Livestream

For questions on how to redeem your code and what to expect on the day of the event - be sure to visit the "HOW IT WORKS" page as well for step by step instructions on Where to Redeem your Virtual Concert Ticket code.

Where is the livestream happening?

For questions on how to redeem your code and what to expect on the day of the event - be sure to visit the "How It Works" page as well for step by step instructions on Where to Redeem your Virtual Event Livestream Ticket code.

Where is the virtual event livestream happening?

The event will be happening here: [LINK TO EVENT URL HERE] and will be easily viewable on any internet browser (mobile, web, tablet or computer). 

What is a Virtual Event Livestream Ticket Code?

Your virtual event ticket code is like your ticket to the show. Codes are non-transferable, case-sensitive, and are good for one-time use only on the event landing page  [LINK TO EVENT URL HERE].

How will I get my ticket code?

After you've placed an order that includes a virtual event livestream ticket code, you will receive your code and the instructions for where to redeem your code via email, either in a separate email or included in your order confirmation email. If you did not receive one, please check your spam and/or junk folder before reaching out to us for assistance.

How do I buy a code?

You must purchase a ticket to the virtual event livestream to receive your code to the event. Check out the home page of this store for any products that include virtual event livestream access.

How many codes can I get with my purchase?

Every purchase is good for 1 code.

My code is invalid. What do I do?

Please double check that you are correctly entering your code, as it may be case-sensitive. If it still does not work, please contact us ASAP at [] and we’ll do our best to help!

What is the refund policy for orders containing ticket codes?

All ticket code sales are final. There will be no refunds, exchanges, or name transfers under any circumstances. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more info.

I purchased a Virtual Event Livestream ticket but am no longer available for the event. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately this event is non-refundable. If there are extenuating circumstances such as a true medical emergency, please email us and we will try our best to take your request into consideration.

What if I missed the event?

If you did miss the event completely, unfortunately these events cannot be rescheduled. If there are extenuating circumstances such as a medical emergency, please reach out to [] and we will do our best to accommodate.

I want to purchase a Ticket as a gift for someone else. How do I do that?

Ticket products are non-transferable to avoid scalpers, however, if you want to purchase for another person you can enter their email address at checkout. There are no name changes available for this product.

If I refresh the page, will I be kicked out of the stream forever?

No! Refresh all you want. After you've followed the directions on the HOW IT WORKS page, you will have connected your unique code with an email address & password. You are now free to log in and out as you please to view the event without risk of being pushed out.

Can I Record The Event?

Audio or video recording on your own device is strictly prohibited. Knowledge of such actions, including posting a video of the stream youtube after the event, can hurt your chances of being able to purchase virtual event tickets in the future.

Got Flagged, What Does That Mean?

You were flagged because of inappropriate behavior in the chat room. This may be because of violations of the Maestro Terms of Service you agreed to when creating an account on Maestro. If you feel you were wrongfully flagged or flagged by mistake, please email [].